6″ Ficus (Bush)

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Introducing the 6” Ficus Bush, a classic and timeless addition to any indoor space. This small but sturdy plant features dense, glossy leaves that create a lush, full appearance.

The Ficus Bush is easy to care for and adapts well to a range of lighting conditions, making it a versatile choice for any home or office setting. It prefers to be watered when the top inch of soil is dry and requires minimal pruning, making it an easy plant to maintain.

One of the great benefits of the Ficus Bush is that it also helps to purify the air, making it a great choice for anyone looking to improve the air quality in their living space.

With its simple yet striking appearance, the Ficus Bush is a must-have for any plant lover. It’s perfectly sized for a desk or small table, but can also be used as part of a larger display.

Order your 6” Ficus Bush today and enjoy the beauty and benefits of this timeless houseplant!