Lipstick Plant

If you have a bright spot in you home or office and want a graceful draping plant that blooms off and on all year, lipstick plants are a great choice.

Lipstick plants require very bright indirect light. Direct sun burns the leaves.

These plants flower more frequently and more abundantly if you allow the top 25% of the soil dry out before watering. If the leaves of a lipstick plant appear soft and shriveled, give the plant more water. These plants lose green leaves when they are over-watered.

Lipstick plants like warm temperatures between 75°-85°F (23.9°- 29.4°C)

Although a lipstick plant prefers high humidity, it does well in basic household humidity.

Mealy Bugs, spider mites, Aphids, and thrips are house Plant Pests that attack lipstick plants. Examine your plant every time you water to catch insect problems early.

Lipstick plants can develop fungal diseases when in an area of high humidity.

Keeping lipstick plants in small pots helps them produce more flowers. When you put this plant in a large container, instead of producing flowers it grows more leaves.