Janet Craig

Dracaena janet craig plants, native to tropical Africa, are one of the most popular plants used in homes and offices. Dracaenas thrive on neglect, grow well in low light, and need very little water. NASA lists the dracaena janet craig as an excellent clean air plant that helps eliminate harmful toxins from the environment.

Dracaena janet craig plants grow slowly in low light, but grow much faster in medium light. When the light is extremely low, new leaves are smaller and narrower. Placing a dracaena janet craig in the sun outside for even a few minutes, burns the leaves.

When in doubt, do not water! Allow the top 50% of the soil to dry out before watering. The lower the light, the less often a dracaena needs water. Fluoride, chlorine, or salt in the water causes brown leaf tips and yellow spots on the leaves.

Dracaena janet craig plants do not do well in temperatures below 55°F (12.8°C) Cold winter drafts and blowing heaters damage the leaves.

Basic household humidity is sufficient for dracaenas to grow well and look good.

Mealy Bugs and scale can be a problem.

These plants grow better when root-bound in small pots.