A cactus plant is an excellent, easy care, indoor plant that thrives in low household humidity. Cacti are native to the Americas especially Mexico, southern Argentina, and Bolivia. The distinctive look of a cactus is the result of trying to adapt to very hot dry areas where it was necessary to conserve water. The leaves turned into spines and the stems became succulent and photosynthetic.

Cacti like as much bright indirect light as you can provide. Introduce a cactus plant to direct sunlight gradually to prevent sunburn. The ideal location for a small cactus pot is on the windowsill of a south-facing window.

Allow the soil of a cactus to almost totally dry out before watering, then water deeply and thoroughly. Never allow a Cactus to sit in water. A cactus requires more water in the spring, summer, and early fall when it is growing than in the winter. Over-watering is the main reason cactus plants die.

An indoor cactus plant likes temperatures between 60°-80°F (15.6°-26.7°C)

This plant comes from the desert and does well in very low humidity.

After a 3 month resting period and under proper conditions, a cactus plant may bloom during the late fall and winter.

Even plants full of thorns get pests. These plants are susceptible to Mealy Bugs, scale, spider mites, and Aphids. Scale is usually found around the thorns and can be scrapped off with a child’s toothbrush.