Aloe Vera

An Aloe Vera plant is an easy care, drought resistant succulent that can be grown indoors or outdoors. Medicine Plant is its nickname because the sap from its leaves soothes minor skin irritations and burns; this makes it a  great plant for a sunny kitchen. An Aloe Vera plant has long, narrow, plump leaves with little spikes along the edges so be very careful when handling it. It can be used as a table plant when small or a floor plant as it matures.

An Aloe Vera plant requires very bright indirect light .

Water well and then allow the soil to thoroughly dry out before watering again. It can sometimes last 2-3 weeks before it needs water and requires even less moisture in the winter. An Aloe Vera Plant can be saved from severe under-watering, but rarely survives over-watering.

These plants likes dry, warm temperatures between 65°-85°F (18°-29° C). Aloe Vera plants do not do well in temperatures below 40°F (4.5°C)

Native to the deserts and need very little humidity.

Root-rot, caused by over watering, is the main problem.

An Aloe Vera plant helps remove benzene, which is released from commercial cleaning products and paint, from the air.