Air Plants


Provide your tillandsia with the light, water and air circulation they need, and they will thrive for you!

Tillandsia is the largest genus of the bromeliad family. Even though they’re usually bought for their foliage, air plants do bloom, and frequently change coloring throughout the year in response to biological cues. Apart from the astonishing array of forms and colors, what makes air plants different from most plants is their reliance on water and food that can be absorbed through their leaves; tillandsia roots are used only to anchor themselves in place. This characteristic qualifies them as epiphytes, or a parasite plant, and lends them to creative mounting for spectacular display. 

Your air plants need a bright, indirect sunlight or indoor lighting (like from fluorescent bulbs). They can tolerate a couple hours of direct sun, but this is very drying, so plan to supplement their water if they do get direct sun. 

Weekly soakings will keep your tillandsia happy in most locations. Supplement soaking with misting your air plants a couple times each week if they look dry. If you are in a very dry location or are going through a heat spell, mist more frequently, and consider adding a second bath each week. Also you can try bringing your air plants into the bathroom before a long hot shower, they love humidity!